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AYB group sessions are suitable for all ages, experience and fitness levels. I will help motivate and inspire you and you will be supported by others who want to get fit, just like you!  You will be challenged by a variety of exercises, techniques and equipment that will get you fitter and stronger. Exercises are also modified to accommodate injuries or physical limitations so you can be confident you are training safely.

Choose from strength, toning flexibility with Pilates and Stretch & Roll classes, or cardio and strength with any of our Bootcamp sessions, or high intensity interval training with Metafit or HIIT Strength and HIIT Cardio.  Also see our Running Group sessions here .

Some of the benefits you can expect from group fitness classes:

  • Improved muscle tone, bone density and strength, and reduce excess fat
  • Better posture and balance
  • Increased fitness levels (cardiovascular) and more energy
  • Increased metabolism with Metafit  and Bootcamp HIIT that burns even more calories than steady state cardio
  • Greater self-confidence and a sense of achievement
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Motivation and support from your fellow participants to achieve your goals
  • Fun and safe sessions that are varied week to week so you will never be bored with the same old thing

See below for a description of the different group sessions.
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Our bootcamps are aimed at everyone wanting to get fit! From beginners to advanced everyone will be supported at a level that is comfortable for them while still being challenging. Attention is given to correct technique at all times and sessions will consist of a combination of weights, body-weight, cardio, plyometrics and boxing.

Sessions plans will always be different from week to week so that you never grow bored, and you'll never know quite what to expect.

Bootcamps are currentlly held outdoors to benefit from the fresh air, blue skies and green grass - research has shown that exercising in natural environments is associated with greater feelings of revitalisation, increased energy and positive engagement. (Indoor venues may be available during the winter months in extreme weather.)
'Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.'
Arnold Schwarznegger

A quick, effecient workout designed to target your entire body.

Using a combination of equipment such as dumbells, medicine balls and resistance bands, as well as large compound movements you'll work all your muscles as well as get your heart rate up. Most exercises are low impact so there will be minimal impact through your joints while still getting you cardio fit.

Be prepared to sweat!

'Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.'
Jim Rohn
'A functional and effective, metabolic workout that will change the way you train.'
'Some succeed because they are destined to. Most succeed because they are determined to.'
Anatole France

At just 30 mins HIIT Strength and HIIT Cardio sessions are a shorter session than the Bootcamp class.

Using the same interval training techniques as Metafit these sessions will get your metabolism firing with a quick, efficient workout.

HIIT Strength uses equipment such as weights and resistance bands to tone and strengthen all the major muscle groups, providing intensity through light to moderately weighted moves with a higher number of reps performed rather than less reps with large weights.

HIIT Cardio uses bodyweight and plyometrics (think jumping type moves) so that you are using your own bodyweight and large dynamic moves to really get your heart pumping and elevating you into that fat burning zone!

A high impact, body-weight, interval training system (HIIT) that increases metabolism and burns fat even after the session has finished.  It works because it uses major muscle groups and short 30 minute bursts of high intensity exercise which increases resting metabolism. It is hard, fast and effective. The better you get the harder you go!

Come to one of our sessions, or if we don't run one at a time that is convenient simply get together with a group of friends and I will be happy to run a session at a time that suits us both.
'The Pilates method teaches you to be in control of your body and not at it's mercy.'
'The stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.'

Pilates is a low impact exercise that will help you strengthen, lenthen and tone your muscles, and improve flexibility, strength, control and balance with emphasis on the deep core muscles. It can also be very helpful with the rehabilitation and the prevention of injuries. Based on the six principles of centering, concentration, precision, breath and flow, Pilates believed in an integrative mind, body and spirit approch to fitness, believing that you should move with intent.

Mat Pilates uses your own body-weight as well as various equipment such as small balls, resistance bands and circles, and light weights that offer muscle resistance. So if you are unable to do high impact exercise this could be ideal for you!


Create happy muscles with stretching and rolling!

Stretch & Roll concentrates on keeping your muscles and fascia flexible and supple to help improve your posture, release stiffness, and increase movement and flexibility. It can also be very helpful when included in injury rehab programs.

We use a range of equipment including straps/bands, foam rollers, massage balls and sticks. Along with a comprehensive stretching routine these items help release fascia, knots, muscle tension and trigger points to assist with flexibility, and to improve range-of-motion in joints.

Highly recommended for absolutely everyone, and also important if you need help stretching due to other sporting activities.

This session is provided as a half hour session on a Wednesday and is also incorporated into the Small Group Pilates sessions on Thursday and Saturday.
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