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(Kids' Park Gym)

Join us at AYB Kid's Athletics (affectionately referred to as Kids Park Gym by the kids) for fun-filled activities and games that teach kids the basic skills of running, jumping and throwing.

These group sessions also help kid's learn about:

  • team-based participation
  • having fun
  • gaining confidence
  • effort, mutual respect and autonomy

All in a safe and supportive environment. Parents are welcome to be involved, or feel free to sit back and relax while your kids have fun, knowing that you are nearby.

Suitable for pre and primary school aged children, 3-12 year olds. Activities are scaled to accomodate ages and abilities and older kids are encouraged to help the younger kids.


Fridays, 4.00 - 5.00pm


Sessions are held outside (Ringwood) in the warmer months so kids can learn skills in a fun environment while enjoying the fresh air and wide open spaces. During colder months the sessions will be held indoors (Croydon North).

'Physical Literacy encompasses the physical, cognitive, emotional and social capabilities an individual needs to be physically active for life.'

'The ‘tools’ of Physical Literacy include... a mastery of movement skills like catching, throwing, jumping and riding a bike; an understanding of the benefits of being physically active.'

'We need to make sure that from the very beginning of children’s lives we are providing them with daily opportunities to develop their Physical Literacy so that they grow up to become individuals who choose to engage in physical activity that challenges and benefits their bodies and minds because they know they are capable, because they want to and because they know the benefits.'

From: the active healthy kids Australia Physical Activity Report Card on Physical Activity for Young People 2016
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I am also an accredited coach, coaching Kids' Athletics in schools on behalf of Athletics Australia.

The IAAF Kids' Athletics program is the only nationally endorsed athletics program for Sporting Schools, an initiative designed to help schools to increase children's participation in sport before, during and after school hours. The focus is on helping kids participate in fun activities and games that teach the skills of running, jumping and throwing in a less formal environment.

The programs are supported with school grants from the Australian Sports Commission and importantly, are free to families.

If you are interested in having the program delivered at your child's school feel free to download the flyer (to the left) and share with them.  See below flowchart for how to register.

You can also request me as your school's coach when filling in the form.

IAAF Kids' Athletics Flyer
'We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.'
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