What are group fitness classes all about...

Group classes are suitable for all ages, experience and fitness levels and help motivate and inspire you by exercising and being supported by others who want to get fit just like you. You will be challenged by a variety of exercises and different techniques that will get you fitter and stronger through body-weight exercises as well as equipment that is specific to the class you are doing. Exercises are also modified to accommodate injuries or physical limitations so you can be confident you are training safely.

Choose from strength and toning with Pilates or high intensity interval training with Metafit. Bootcamps are coming soon!

Some of the things you can expect from group fitness classes:

  • Improved muscle tone and reduced fat
  • Increased fitness levels (cardiovascular) and more energy
  • Increased metabolism with Metafit that burns even more calories than steady state cardio
  • Motivation and support from your fellow participants to achieve your goals
  • Fun and safe sessions that are varied week to week so you will never be bored with the same old thing

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    Low impact exercise to tone and strengthen! Pilates is low impact exercise that will help you strengthen, tone and improve flexibility, strength, control and balance with emphasis on the deep core muscles. It can also be very helpful with the rehabilitation and the prevention of injuries. Mat Pilates uses your own body-weight as well as various equipment such as small balls, resistance bands, and light weights that offer muscle resistance. So if you are unable to do high impact exercise this could be ideal for you! Both individual and class sessions are available at Croydon North and Croydon locations.
    Metafit will seriously change your body! Metafit is a high impact, body-weight, interval training system (HIIT) that increases metabolism and burns fat even after the session has finished! It works because it uses major muscle groups and increases resting metabolism from short 30minute bursts of high intensity exercise that puts your body into an afterburn It is hard, fast and effective. The better you get the harder you go! Come to one of our sessions, or if we don't run one at a time that is convenient simply get together with a group of friends and I will be happy to run a session at a time that suits us both.
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