run your best

AYB Runners: We love running!

We are a small friendly squad who support and encourage each other. The group is made up of a range of experience levels so whatever your ability you will fit in!

We run in the evenings, in the mornings, we get up early for events. We motivate each other and I will make you work hard because I take your running goals seriously. And most of all, despite the hard work, it will be fun!

At the moment we are a small squad which means that you will never be overlooked as I know each of your goals and plan for you individually. The focus is always on you, the members of the running squad because that is what is most important to me... YOU and your goals!

Session Structure

We don't just go for a run! (although, of course, we do that too). Tuesday and Saturday morning sessions are aimed at helping you achieve your goals - to start running, to get faster, to run longer, to train for an event (5km, 10km, half or full marathon distances).

Sessions are structured to improve your running techniques and include intervals, fartleks, hill training and tempo runs. We even mix it up and to the occasional sprints and beep test.

I discuss your goals with you so we can work towards achieving them, I give you homework, and I encourage you to train outside strucuted sessions...all so you can run your best!

All Levels
Sessions cover a range of levels and abilities from beginners just starting out to more advanced runners.

Form (footstrike, posture, etc) and technique (endurance, speed, hills, etc) are covered during  coached sessions.

Training Plans
Members are provided with individual training plans specific to their running goals and upcoming events.

Motivation & Fun
Members help and support each other in a fun, friendly and encouraging


Qualified Coach

My passion is running! And as such I am an Athletics Australia qualified Level 2 Advanced Recreational Running Coach who can assist you in reaching your next goal. Whether it is to run your first 5km, improve your performance as a more experienced runner, or want to aim for a longer distance such as half or full marathon.

I have been running myself for over 12 years, having come to it later in life. If you had asked me 20 years ago where I saw myself in 20 years time I would not have said a running coach. But in the past 12 years I have embraced running with a passion, one that I hope is infectious!

I have been coaching runners of all levels now for five years and am super proud of how far AYB Runners have come since those early days. Over the last five years I have grown my squad from my initial three runners to the small family squad it is today. We are not like the bigger squads who have hundreds of members. We are there for each other through thick and thin. We drive each other to events. We welcome your kids who often come along to training with mum and dad, and I know each and every goal, strength, limitation and motivation of each and every runner.

And because I love what I do, I want to help you with your running too!

Cross Training

I am also a qualified personal trainer and pilates instructor with knowledge and experience to cross train you to help prevent injury, target muscles important to running, and if necessary to rehabilitate you coming back from injury. You can be sure that when I give you strength training to do that it is because I know what muscle groups you need to train and you will be doing so safely with correct technique!

Running smartly so you can run for a long time is very important to me. For me it's not about pushing you beyond your limits - it's about pushing you as far as you can go to achieve success, and for you to be able to do so for as long as you want to. It's about running longevity, and building a body that can withstand the rigours of running long-term.

As such I encourage cross training so that your body is strong. I will provide advice, training programs and regularly give homework as well as comprehensive stretching and myofacial release routines.

Events and Fun Runs

Many AYB Runners participate in a number of running events regularly throughout the year (but it's certainly not mandatory as part of the running group and some of our runners chose not to). For those who do, we set goals for these events and individual training plans are provided to each member according to their specific goal.

Some of the events we participate in each year include:

  • Warburton Up & Running
  • Angela Taylor Memorial Run
  • Puffing Billy Run
  • Great Ocean Road Marathon
  • The Trail Run Series 1, Plenty Gorge
  • The Trail Run Series 2, Smith's Gully
  • The Trail Run Series 3, Silvan
  • The Trail Run Series 4, Anglesea
  • The Trail Run Series 5, Studley Park
  • Run Melbourne
  • Run for the Hills, Lysterfield
  • Medibank Melbourne Marathon
  • Run for the Firies, Eltham

AND in 2019 of course the brand new AYB RUNNERS VIRTUAL RUN CHALLENGE!

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